What Happened to Creature Comforts?


Hello lovely!

If you're here reading this, maybe you stopped by via an old link floating around the web or were a long-time reader of the old Creature Comforts and just happened to find yourself here (hi. hello. I've missed you). Whatever the case may be...Hello! I'm so glad you're here!

So, what happened to the old Creature Comforts? This my friends is a VERY long and not so happy story, but I can summarize by saying that when I stopped blogging a few years back I never intended for that space to go away...I still had 10 years worth of content that I really cared about. Unfortunately my domain was compromised (never, ever, ever work with GoDaddy) and I had my URL stolen and used illegally as a redirect to some unknown person's page for years. 

Anyhow, I have finally gotten my domain back and I have no intention of letting it go anywhere anytime soon. As for the old content...I'm afraid much of that is gone for good (you can still find archives out there on Pinterest and similar sites, but those links don't lead you anywhere). I'm not sure if I'll dive back into blogging full time again, but I wanted to have this space available so I can let the wind take me where it will. 

Thanks for popping by. Feel free to say hi here or through any of the social accounts that I'm active on. xo Ez


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